Saturday, 7 February 2009

Battlestations on Facebook

Well if you did not know already, there is a game on Facebook called Battlestations, and it is rated that best game on Facebook, with over 100,000 daily users. So if you already have a Facebook account, I encourage you to join the game via link below, and if you do not already have a Facebook account, then I ask you to make one, as Facebook is very convenient and easy to use. Once you have made an account, then click the link below and get started!

To get started, Battlestations is a game in which you control a ship, buy weapons, parts, and gain experience. When you gain enough experience, you level up and according with you class type, you will gain certain stats. There are 5 classes. Engineer, which gains 1.5 craft per level (health), Pirate, which gains 1.5 gunnery per level (cannon damage), Commander, which gains 3 stats per level, one in craft (health), one in gunnery (cannon damage), and one in navigation (speed and melee damage), and the final class is Trader, which gains .5 craft (health), and 1 navigation (speed and melee damage). In addition, when leveled up, each of them, except the Commander class, gains 3 extra stat points which you can add to any stat. While the Commander only gains 2 since he gains 3 stats already for leveling up.

Also, each class has their own special abilities. The Engineer has reduced salvage costs (when your ship is sunk or damaged), and also automatically repairs your ship. The explorer has increased findings whilst exploring and gains minor gold. The pirate gains extra gold during combat. The commander does not gain any special abilities as it gains extra stat points. And the Trader gains extra gold from trading.

The game is played with an item called AP (action points). You get them by the hour, and that can increase. You start out with 5 AP/hr, and if you get 7 crew, then it goes to 7 AP/hr, which is the highest you can get on weekdays. On weekends, the AP/hr is boosted by 3 AP, so the max you can get on weekends is 10 AP/hr. You can also do certain offers which can give you certain amounts of aps. You can also get aps by referring other people to the game. You get 1000 gold, 5 wood, 1 ore and 5 aps for inviting someone.

There are also 4 different resources that you can get. You can get gold, wood, ore, and plasma rocks. They go in a line, with Gold being very common, and plasma rocks being very rare. You can also trade in gold for other resources, and the prices change depending if others are selling.

There are 6 different actions you can do in this game, and each break up into smaller parts. There is questing which you do a quest, and get high gold and experience. You can explore, in which you have a chance in finding a rare item, and fighting a NPC (computer enemy). There is PvP (attacking another player), there is Clan War (which you fight for your clan against an enemy clan. Have to be level 25 or higher to join a clan). There are also 4 Tiers in the Clan system at the moment (February 7, 2009). There is Tier A, B, C, and S. S is the highest Tier, A 2nd highest, and so on. There are an average of 14 clans per Tier right now as well (February 7, 2009). Clan war is very fun, and gives great experience as well. There also is trading, which gives good money, and even better money if you are a Trader. Finally you can travel to different ports, where you can buy different items, do different quests, and fight different people.

There are 4 sets of weapons. There are cannons, sub-cannons, melee (rams), and missiles. Cannons and sub-cannons have their damage increased by .5% per stat in gunnery. Ram damage increases by .5% per stat in craft, and missiles gain .5% from stats in gunnery and .25% from stats in navigation.

And there are 5 different parts to customize your ship even further. You can get a sail, which increases your speed. You can get a figurehead, which adds hp, and can either increase or decrease speed. Engines, which increase your speed. Hulls, which add hp, sometimes increase capacity, and either increase or decrease speed. And finally there are stabilizers, which either increase or decrease speed as well.

Finally there is the topic of ocho. Ocho is real money in the game. It gives certain advantages as it lets you buy extra AP's (action points), rare weapons (limited), rare parts (limited) and the ability to change your name, class or stats (not limited). You can also get ship skins, which hide your ship, and put a different icon in for it (no advantage).

Well I hope I have encouraged you to join, and hope that you will get your friends to join as well. If you need any help, feel free to ask :)


Replay: (both with ship skins)

Replay 2: (no ship skin vs. NPC)

Replay 3: (compilation of several replays)

And finally to join the game, please join here:

Enjoy and don't feel scared to ask a question or two :)